M.I.A. släng dig i väggen


Lijadu SistersOrere Elejigbo (1979)

Lijadu SistersNot Any Longer (1979)

Now that your horizon is opening up, what plans do you have for your future?
We don’t always look beyond our noses, because Man proposes but God disposes, but we are optimists.

Are you as rich as you are famous?
As rich as rich can be. We are comfortable. We own one Volkswagen beetle and a joint bank account with plenty of money in it. Most of the time we are broke.

Are you religious?
Very. We are catholics although not the Church going type. Every time we feel the spirit moving in our hearts we walk into the nearest church or Mosque and pray.

Do you have lovers?
We are not dead. Not yet. We are living beings. To live and to love is the essence of our life. If you don’t have someone who loves you, you are dead. If we didn’t have lovers how come we compose love songs?

Do you take drugs?
NO. We are permanently high.

You said you have four children but you are not married.
We are not baby killers. Just because we had children with men we never got married to does not mean we had to kill them. We love children because children are a gift from God.

Would you have the same lover?
If we did, we don’t see the need for it because there are many eligible men around. Even though we are twins, we want to be exclusive.

What do you think of yourselves?
We are fantastic.

Do you wear the same clothes?
Kehinde: Taiwo is wearing my blouse and I’m wearing her wrapper.

What do you do when not singing?
Playing with our kids, cooking, painting or climbing trees.

What kind of men would you like as friends?
Simple, intelligent and responsible men.

Do you plan to get married?
You talk too much.

Adapted from Lijadu Sisters – Horizon Unlimited LP jacket notes by Tunde Harrison (1979).



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