Tracks of the year 2008


Kenny Larkin You Are (Dark) (direct mp3 link)
A cold celebration of the Nietzschean overman? Or the true realization that a human potential, so strong that it is godlike, resides in every one of us? In any event, fantastic techno from a true Detroit legend.

Salem Redlights
Taking drugs to make music to take drugs to…

For more electronic type dank, check the sparkling wonkiness of Baby Sloth Spirit, Rustie’s ”Zig Zag” (direct mp3 link), the entire skweee lot from Flogsta Danshall, Harmönia and Temporarily Morons, and of course the fantastic cumbia digital of ZZK, Bersa Discos, and Revolt Into Style. Plus, some dubstep that was less predictable than the rest of the gang: TRG stood out this year with ”Oi! Killa” and the deep deep deeeeep remix of their ”Broken Heart” (direct mp3 link)


BilalHigh and Dry (Radiohead cover) (direct mp3 link)

Chaka KhanOne For All Time
Such a slept on track, check this all true music lovers. The chord changes are a marriage made in heaven between Prefab Sprout and contemporary, US mainstream R’n’B.

Boogie revival

Dâm FunkGalactic Fun (direct mp3 link)
After having got drunk on ”Burgundy City”, this was our other fave from the Dâm’s sublime bubbly sparkly.

Mr ScruffGet On Down


Lil’ WayneA Milli (Flying Lotus remix) (direct mp3 link)

Sebastien TellierDivine Jigglin’ (Bit Rock remixxx)


Amadou & MariamSabali

Little DragonInfinite Love



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