Albums of the year 2008



Dungen – 4

A revelation, no more no less, in these times of pop music of a generally pretty bad, shallow, un-inventive and – more importantly – cowardly kind (not least in terms of daring to explore new forms of expression). Dungen’s music avoids all this. And furthermore, in stepping out of the group’s heavy affinity with prog rock clichés, this album makes a welcome departure. Their material is now more dependent on proper songwriting than ever before, it is lovingly recorded and engineered (the sheer sound quality of those drums, man!), and it finds a uniquely inventive new path between jazz, funk and rock idioms. Just listen to ”Mina Damer och Fasaner” and peep its obvious kinship with Bob James’s ”Nautilus”. At yet another listen, the heavily chorussed guitars have a ring to them that is very similar also to Ratatat’s 70s-inspired wall of sound (see below)…



Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend

There has been dispute over the merit of this album, but that is just an academic argument. This is the warmest, most humane, sincere, humble musical document this year. It is that warmth – and the simply great tunes – which makes this album an essential choice. I’ve discovered that playing Esau Mwamwaya‘s & Radioclit‘s remix of ”Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” out tends to turn any party into a full-on ethno-fest!


Ratatat – LP3

The same verdict here: What makes Ratatat’s latest album so special in the particular musical climate of today is the warmth, humility, playfulness and, ultimately, human quality to it. Plus, in contrast to the group’s early experiments (which were mainly about making beats), their present approach is all about songwriting!


D. Lissvik – 7 Trx + Intermission

The ”dark side of balearic”? Well, more like, the eclectic side of it. Polyrhythms, repetitive beats, pop sensibilities, subtle dub stylings: all this made for a highly palatable instrumental exploration of the dancefloor. Bongos! Shakers! And castanets!!!

myspace, klicktrack


Various Artists – An England Story: The Culture of the MC in the UK 1983-2008

See separate posting (forthcoming)…


mp3s rundown :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
DungenMina Damer och Fasaner :: Bob JamesNautilus :: Vampire WeekendCape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (The Very Best remix) :: Ratatat Falcon Jab :: but the funnest bit still remains; listing the individual tracks of 2008…


2 responses to “Albums of the year 2008

  1. hi!!
    great blog! is there any email where we can contact you?
    we’d love it if you post something about the birth of a scottish label releasing amazin south-american and europe sounds (Frikstailers, Marcelo Fabian, Zort, Douster and other artists).
    The first release will be Baile Frik EP (12”).. a weird sticky kind-of baile funk made in Cordoba (Argentina)..

  2. I really like the Ratatat and Vampire Weeken albums. Of course I haven’t listened to all of the albums you mention but I bet they’re great too.


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