Girls dig girls

From the press release:

”Club Action” is THE anthem, the tune that originally made Yo! Majesty a massive hit in the blogging world, it’s the track which led to a myriad of remixes when the parts were posted up online. ”Club Action” is the track which got everyone down to witness Yo! Majesty’s amazing hype live show, the incomparable tune which is finally seeing its first official release on September 22nd 2008.
”Club Action” has been newly mixed and toughened up for 2008. It’s all set and ready to be the hit that it has been promising to be since it first poked its head above the mass of dance crap over two years ago. BIG TUNE ALERT!! For those not yet in the know, Yo! Majesty are Shunda K and Jwl B, two ladies with attitude from Tampa, Florida, who write shocking lyrics, have deep spirituality and matter of fact sexuality (these girls dig girls).

…however, in our opinion this remix by Swedish up-and-coming band We Have Love kills the original:

Yo MajestyClub Action (We Have Love remix)


One response to “Girls dig girls

  1. Slamdunk jämfört med originalet – jag gillar speciellt special D’s finfina gitarrslinga som kommer in mot slutet!


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